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PARAMETER STANDARD LIMIT Ammonia /Ammonium 1.0 mg/l Barium 5.0 mg/l Beryllium 0.5 mg/l Boron 5.0 mg/l Calcium No Standard Chloride 300 mg/l Colour 100 TCU Detergent 15 mg/l or <0.015 kg/ 1000 kg product Fluoride 3.0 mg/l Iron 3.0 mg/l Magnesium No standard Manganese 1.0 mg/l Nitrate (as Nitrate and Nitrite) 10 mg/l Oil and grease 10 mg/l or <0.01kg/ 1000 kg product pH 6.5 C 8.5 Phenols 0.1 mg/l Phosphate 5.0 mg/l Sodium 100 mg/l Sulphate 250 mg/l Sulphide 0.2 mg/l TDS 1000 mg/l Temperature 2 °C +/- average ambient temperature TOC 100 mg/l TSS All times <150 mg/l Monthly average 50 mg/l Heavy Metals PARAMETER STANDARD LIMIT Arsenic 0.5 mg/l Cadmium 0.1 mg/l Chromium 1.0 mg/l Copper 0.1 mg/l Cyanide (Free HCN) 0.1 mg/l (Total CN) 0.2 mg/l Lead 0.1 mg/l Mercury 0.02 mg/l Nickel 1.0 mg/l Selenium 0.5 mg/l Silver 0.1 mg/l Tin No standard Zinc 1.5 mg/l Total Heavy Metals 2.0 mg/l STREAM LOADING PARAMETER STANDARD LIMIT BOD5 < 30 mg/l COD < 0.1kg/ 1000kg product or < 100 mg/l DO > 4 mg/l
BACTERIOLOGY PARAMETER STANDARD LIMIT Total Coliform < 500 MPN/ 100ml Fecal Coliform <100 MPN/ 100ml ACRONYMS FOR PARAMETRS USED IN STANDARDS BOD Biochemical Oxygen Demand COD Chemical Oxygen Demand DO Dissolve Oxygen MPN Most Probable Number TCU Total Colour Unit TDS Total Dissolved Solids TOC Total Organic Carbon TSS Total Suspended Solids FURTHER CLARIFICATION Nitrates Refers to nitrogen in nitrates and nitrites Phosphates Refers to phosphorous in phosphates pH Measures acidity or alkalinity Residual Chlorine Where natural treatment systems are designed to reduce coliform levels without the use of chlorine then the residual chlorine criteria would not apply

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